I am an investigative journalist, documentary filmmaker, and photographer. 
My work spans many topics such as criminal justice reform, human rights issues, environmental justice, artist profiles, live music, fashion, portraiture, and lifestyle content. No matter what I am covering, the creative process is what I am most passionate about. 
My latest project, Interrogated, is an investigative documentary film about false confessions and the history of police interrogations in the United States. This was my first film, and I am proud to say it received a BAFTA nomination, an Excellence in Investigative Reporting Award from New York University, and recognition at the Double Exposure Investigative Film Festival. I am currently in the distribution phase of this film and hope to find a home for it soon. 
I achieved a masters degree from New York University in News and Documentary Journalism, a bachelors of science in psychology, and a bachelors of arts in criminology from the University of Florida. My academic research on wrongful convictions has been published in journals such as the Albany Law Review and the American Psychology and Law Journal. My undergraduate thesis, Victims of Wrongful Conviction Require Increased Specialized Mental Health and Community Support, was presented at the American Psychology and Law Society conference in 2022. 
I aim to use the power of storytelling to educate the public on important issues while focusing on themes such as perseverance, understanding, and growth. I hope to shed light where it’s needed while also investigating possible solutions to systemic problems within society.

2023 - BAFTA Nomination for Interrogated
2023 - Excellence in Investigative Reporting Award, NYU
2022 - Double Exposure Film Festival, Student Academy Award 
2022 - NYU News & Documentary Scholar
2019 - Access Path to Psychology and Law Research Grant
2018 - Public Speaking Forum Nominee
2018 - Hispanic Communicators Association Achievement 
2017 - Visual Supply Company Photography Honor of Distinction